Link Partners is proud to be able to work with many folks in the Medical Cannabis Community.

The following are links to sites that we have partnered with.

Marijuana Video Reviews  –  Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Cannabis Seeds, and Strain Reviews.

Cannabis Coupon Codes – Regularly updated discounts and deals for the nets top seed-banks and headshops.

LeBlanc CNE – CBD (cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for many of the pain relieving and healing effects of medical marijuana. LeBlanc CNE is a medical cannabis grower & broker specializing in CBD-rich & unique strains.

Marijuana Dispensary Design – The High Road Design Studio is the first and only interior design firm exclusively dedicated to providing design and merchandise consulting for medical marijuana dispensaries nationwide.

Medical Marijuana Classifieds – 420 marijuana classifieds for patients and caregivers.  Providing  a community classifieds for patients that require medical cannabis. This site is dedicated to helping those in need find resources and information and to collectively join together to help others.

Buy Bongs Online – Buy bongs from Herbal Tools, and you can be assured it will arrive safely and discreetly.

Why use a Volcano Vaporizer – Does the Volcano vaporizer tower above the competition or is it just blowing smoke?

Medical Dispensary Law – Attorney Omar Zambrano

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